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The Interview Series 4: A New Economy

This week we continue our Interview Series, in which we share excerpts from an interview with Mela Macquarrie, co-founder of The Garden Compound with her husband, Doug Gunton. Sustainability is such an issue now. Our economy has been run into the ground, and fixing it, to me, means creating a new economy. I think that’s what… Read more »

The Interview Series 3: A Place for Community, Healing and Creativity

This is the third post in The Interview Series, a collection of blog articles based on an interview with Mela Macquarrie, co-founder of The Garden Compound. All the houses here are my design and I oversaw the building and sometimes built them directly. All the houses have signatures, and one of them is handmade, beautifully shaped bathtubs… Read more »

The Interview Series 2: A Family of Friends

This week, we continue “The Interview Series,” which was inspired by an interview with Mela MacQuarrie, who, along with her husband, Doug Gunton, founded The Garden Compound.  The dream for this place developed more and more as Doug and I got together and the land next door came up for sale. Because there were two… Read more »

The Interview Series 1: The Inspiration Behind the Garden Compound

Spring is springing early this year in Santa Fe. Today, as I walked out of my garden gate, I saw this perfect little flower peeking its beautiful face out from the winter-browned leaves, and I felt so honored by its bright presence. This time of life blossoming anew is perfect for beginning all kinds of new endeavors,… Read more »